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Latin America

Regulations for Central & South America


CommodityLimit (ppb)
Cereals and cereals products except maize and derivatives, including malted barley5
Chestnuts, except Brazil nuts, including walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts and almonds 
Cocoa almonds10
Peanuts (peeled), (peeled, raw or toasted), peanut butter20
Corn, maize (whole, broken, crushed, ground), maize flour or meal20
Fumonisins (B1+B2)
CommodityLimit (ppb)
Corn flour, corn cream, cornmeal, flakes, canjica, canjiquinha1500
Starch of maize and other maize products1000
Ochratoxin A
CommodityMaximum level (ppb)
Cereals and cereal products, including malted barley10
Cocoa almonds10
CommodityMaximum level (ppb)
Whole wheat, kibbe wheat, whole wheat flour, wheat bran, rice bran, barley grain1000
Wheat flour, cereals and cereals products except wheat and malted barley750
CommodityLimit (ppb)
Wheat flour, cereals and cereals products except wheat and malted barley100
Rice, processed and derived400
Brown rice600
Corn, canjiquinha, canjica, corn products and by-products150
Whole wheat, whole wheat flour, wheat bran200
  1. Ministério da Saúde, Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária. Resolução - rdc nº 7, de 18 de Fevereiro de 2011 dispõe sobre limites máximos tolerados (lmt) para micotoxinas em alimentos.

Other countries

Central & South American Countries
CountriesCommoditySum of mycotoxinsLimit (ppb)
Argentinapeanuts exported to EU: see EU  
peanuts, maize and products thereofaflatoxin B1B2G1G220
Barbadosall foodsaflatoxin B1B2G1G220
all feedstuffsaflatoxin B1B2G1G250
Belizemaize, groundnutaflatoxin B1B2G1G220
Chileall foodsaflatoxin B1B2G1G25
complete feedingstuffs for poultry, goats and cattleaflatoxin B1B2G1G230
complete feedingstuffs for other animals10
all ingredients for use in animal feed except peanuts and derivatives,
cottonseed and derivatives, maize and derivatives
peanuts and derivatives, cottonseed and derivatives, maize and derivatives200
Colombiaall foodsaflatoxin B1B2G1G210
maize and maize productsaflatoxin B1B2G1G220
rabbit/trout feeds10
poultry/dog/cat/fish feeds20
bovine/pig feeds50
Costa Ricamaizeaflatoxin B1B2G1G250
Cubacereals, peanuts, cocoa massaflatoxin B15
all foodsaflatoxin B1B2G1G25
coffee, cerealsochratoxin A5
maize, ricefumonisin B11000
imported cerealsdeoxynivalenol300
all feeds and feed ingredientsaflatoxin B1B2G1G25
all feedsdeoxynivalenol300
Dominican Republicmaize (products), groundnut, soya, tomato(products)aflatoxin B1G10
imported maizeaflatoxin B1B2G1G220
Guatemalamaize, kidney beans, rice, sorghum, groundnuts, groundnut butteraflatoxin B1B2G1G220
concentrateaflatoxin B1B2G1G220
Hondurasall foodsaflatoxin B2G1G21
maize (ground or whole grain)aflatoxin B11
Jamaicafood, grainsaflatoxin B1B2G1G220
Mexicocereals and productsaflatoxin B1B2G1G220
cereals for bovine and porcine fattening feedstuffs200
feedstuffs for dairy cattle/poultry0
Paraguaypeanuts, maize and products thereofaflatoxin B1B2G1G220
Peruraw and processed peanutsaflatoxin B1B2G1G215
Salvador, Elfoodsaflatoxin B1B2G1G220
all feedstuffsaflatoxin B110
supplementary feeds for porcine/poultry/dairy cattle;
single composite feedstuffs; bovine/caprine/ovine feedstuffs
Surinamemaizeaflatoxin B1B2G1G230
groundnut (products), legumesaflatoxin B15
feedstuffsaflatoxin B1B2G1G230
Uruguaypeanuts, maize and products thereofaflatoxin B1B2G1G220
soya protein [an exception of all food and spices]30
rice, barley, beans, coffee, cornochratoxin A50
wheat flour and by-productsdeoxynivalenol1000
corn, barleyzearalenone200
feed for meat cattle, sheep and birdsdeoxynivalenol5000
feed for milk cattle2000
feed for pigs and horses1000
feed for other animals2000
animal feedergot alkaloids450
animal feed for pigs and female rabbitsnot detectable
Venezuelacorn, corn flour, peanuts, peanut butteraflatoxin B1B2G1G220
  1. FAO corporate documents repository. Worldwide regulation for mycotoxins in food and feed 2003.